Debt Free in 6 Years

You will be debt free in just 6 years

Single Payment

Only one monthly payment that you can afford

Write Off 85% of Your Debt

Write your debts off if you have a low income and little assets

Keep Your Home

Creditors cannot repossess your home

No Contact From Creditors

Once in an IVA, creditors cannot contact you anymore

You Are Not Alone

It is estimated that the total UK debt increases £5400 every second

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What is an IVA?

IVA stands for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement. It is a Formal arrangement set out between you and the unsecured creditors (credit cards, loans, store cards, catalogues, etc). You will make affordable monthly payments, usually over 5 or 6 years, after which, all debts included in your IVA will be cleared. It is that simple!

An IVA can only be set up by a certified IP (Insolvency Practitioner). The IP will deal directly with your creditors and support you for the full 60 month period. Any debts that have not been fully paid, will be wiped off. In some cases we have dealt with, 80% of the debts were written off. Start your Debt Free journey today!

Each solution we offer is tailored to Your needs. There is no one size fits all. Here is a breakdown of each one with their advantages. Please refer to the Government's Money Advice Service website for further clarification.

  • DM
  • Monthly %
  • Not Legally Binding
  • Home Not at Risk
  • Low Affordable Payment
  • Creditors Might still Contact You
  • No Guarantee of Interest Freeze
  • Usually Long Term (over 10 Years)
  • DRO
  • £90
  • Legally Binding
  • Only takes 12 Months
  • Maximum Total Debt of £20,000
  • Cheaper Than Bankruptcy
  • Cannot apply if you are a Homeowner
  • Affects your Credit Score Negatively

Meet the Team

Here are the SuperHeroes that have the knowledge and experience to help you manage your debts.
They will work for you to decide what is the solution to your situation.